Government and Utility Title Services

Our government services has provided title examinations involving transmission line, highway right-of-ways, dams, wind farms, railroads. Other than utility/road examinations many of our governmental services have involved normal real estate transactions from small access right-of-way to the sale of thousands of acres of land in phased transfers. Other than utility/road examinations, our governmental services have involved small real estate transactions with access right-of-way to…acres of land in phased transfers. A preconference needs to be made with individual offices to determine how and if we can process your order.

Our goal in this unit is to provide timely title services as requested and customized to a particular customer's requirements. For information please call:

1. Gary McGregor in Southeastern Washington at 509-783-8828
2. Don Schmig in Central Washington at 509-764-2368
3. Cathy Stolarik in Northeast Washington at 509-447-2759
4. Charles Reynolds on the Olympic Peninsula at 360-457-0482



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